Life Changing Solution



With BrainCore Therapy, you learn to create new pathways in your brain where the old pathways had been altered. Once your brain learns how, and when, to produce a certain brainwave, that ability becomes embedded in a permanent circuit within the brain. The formation of this new circuitry is referred to as neuroplasticity and is the theoretical basis for how we learn. It is the brain’s natural ability to form new connections. Life is unpredictable and always changing. However, your brain learns to adapt to these changes. Only when there is an emotional, chemical or physical trauma can the changes be altered.

Think of your brain as a highway, the lanes as your pathways, and the traffic as your symptoms. When driving during rush hour on a single lane highway, you tend to face more traffic. The state agrees to start construction to widen the road and make more lanes. Once the construction has been complete, the lanes create more opportunity for people to travel on a road less congested. That is what Neurofeedback does to the pathways in your brain. It does not erase what is already there; it simply helps to create new pathways so your brain has alternative paths to follow. By doing so it helps to alleviate symptoms. Throughout the course of treatment, new pathways are formed. The more those circuits are driven and used – the more neuroplastic changes take hold. The patient then learns how to use those new circuits during the demands of everyday life.