Learning Disorders – A Challenge to Overcome

Train Your Brain to Overcome Learning Disorders

Are we taking the wrong approach?

Many of the methods used and promoted to help people with learning disabilities are intended to help a person compensate for or work around their learning difficulties. Why work around the problem when we have the ability to correct the contributing factors found often associated with learning disorders, brainwave imbalance.

Learning Disorders: The Challenge

A learning disability is typically an interference in reading, writing, math and in some cases with memory and social development.

How Does Brain Communication Affect Learning?

Key areas of the brain communicate with one another at rapid speeds; but if the timing of this communication is off even slightly, the ability to learn can be impaired. New research shows that “connectivity training”, also known as neurofeedback, appears to consistently improve learning difficulties.

Improve Your Ability to Learn

Braincore neurofeedback has the ability to make a powerfully, positive impact on your ability to learn. Research studies show that several areas of the brain work together in the learning process.

Improving Connectivity

Each session trains the brain to make healthier patterns on its own more consistently with better connectivity and timing. The result is an improved ability to learn, which is long-lasting once patterns are established and holding.

Why Should I Consider BrainCore Neurofeedback?

BrainCore neurofeedback therapy specialists are able to map your brain and see exactly where the imbalance is and to what extent.